Saturday, September 17, 2011


I'm at the Eat Fraser Valley Food Network tradeshow this weekend and - you guessed it - I'm unable to sleep right now.  I'm working the show alone which is making for some challenges and I'm definitely not happy that I'm not featuring anything - it makes it very slow.  I was supposed to be showcasing a product with a local company, but that fell through Friday morning... but that's ok - I've made two good contacts today and likely one of those will make this show worth our time.

My hotel room is giant - it even has laundry - it is wild.  I'd definitely stay with Sandman again.  In all my years of travelling for work, this is the first time I've stayed with them and I've been very impressed - ok... except for this... upon arrival I walk in with all the crap in the free world (really it was three bags) and a crazy looking guy is at the front desk getting coffee and chatting - apparently to no one other than himself.  Once he sees me his attention changes and he starts asking what I'm doing at the hotel and how are things are - you know - run of the mill crazy shit.  The night clerk is in shock - he whispers to me - ignore him - and all I can think is - yeah - cause ignoring him is going to work.  He continues to ask why I have so much stuff - I said I decided to run away from home and made it as far as Abbotsford.  He laughs.  He is a crazy person that I can see has a switch.  I don't laugh.  Then he keeps talking away and says that he was just released from prison after doing 12 years - wicked - love Abbotsford.  The small crowd in the lobby now seem to be interested and start asking him questions and the night clerk is taking his sweet freakin' time checking me - and re-checking me in and all I can think of is how many steps to the elevator - please can't I just go lie down... no.... the clock ticks forward and I stand there with all my crap waiting... 'why 12 years' - I killed someone - f&*^ check, please... gawd! - and then he goes into a long story about how he did it, why he did, beating up prison guards and other people and on and on and on.  In the middle of the story he decides he's shared enough and starts to walk out - but the crowd wants to know more because they are STUPID and then I exit, stage right.

Inside the elevator my blonde hair causes me to forget how to get an elevator moving - stupid key needs to be swiped before you can go and I can't get it to swipe - I'm looking and looking and nothing is working and ... no panic.. (that was later) don't panic, it is ok and then after three minutes of standing there I press a button hoping that the elevator gods will just let me in and realize - I'd done whatever I needed to do (hold card over card reader not swipe) up I went.  End scene.

And now - I'm waiting for the gym to open in two hours so I can go and run. I will try and sleep but it is elusive - long day tomorrow, long day Sunday and then drive home on Monday.... I'll post photos from the show tomorrow night.

My love to you - xo

ps. I was so sad to hear about the beluga dying.  We were there only a few months ago celebrating the whales and everything at the aquarium - a very sad day.  I know - it is a whale - but it just pulls at my heart to see that happen.  

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