Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Today I felt awful half the day - I don't really know what turned the tide on whatever is wrong with me but by late afternoon I was on the mend and then I took Nicholas out for a walk and things got better.

And here we are - out on the trail - living it up!  It was fun - he got a bit cranky half way but I just packed him and pushed the stroller.  Wanna see something kind of fun... well fun for me...  this is how much he and I have both changed in six months... 

Kind of funny that I happened to wear the same running shirt tonight... I couldn't really believe it tonight as I downloaded all my photos to Mel how much we've changed.  Mel and I gabbed for hours tonight - it was fantastic and makes me desperately sad that we don't live closer together.  I couldn't sleep tonight - the wind is blowing and my mind is all over the place.  I fly to Toronto tomorrow and then drive the 401 in rush - wicked - but it will all be great... and then I'll have more photos to share and things to be thankful for.

Ok - so tonight I'm going to end with new photos and wish all of you sweet dreams, wherever you are - xoxoxo - love you!

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