Sunday, September 18, 2011


Ok - I had to share photos - and I'm procrastinating on some other work I need to do... sharing with you is so much better than doing work.

The guys - getting ready for another day of school - Kyle decided to get dressed up for Thursday (I say dressed up because you can't see his pants - he went to all this effort to look cute and then throws on a pair of camo pants - I laughed pretty hard... but he likes it and that is all that matters --- Michael went with more of a rambo option.

The guys in blue are selling super duper blenders - they are actually quite amazing! And they make a funny team - they even gave me some pointers - like don't be nice to people when they come up to your booth and just want your swag (stuff we all get) - so I started asking people to sing a song about Quesnel in exchange for a bag - one lady busted out an african hymn - so - I got entertained too.

The show was very busy yesterday - people could hardly fit in the aisles.

Mr Rob Feenie - I was able to take this from my booth and if you look at the previous photo you can see that I was a bit of a distance from the stage (that white square is the stage in the above photo) - yeah for a big lens :)

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