Tuesday, September 06, 2011

a drive

Being the nice person that I am (kind of) I said I'd drop off dog food in Nazko (only 110 km west) for my parents tonight - there return from the island is delayed due to poor weather and the dogs were running out of food - so tonight Michael and I drove out to drop off stuff... on the left is the 50 lb bag... and what's that.. a locked fence... wicked!

Lovely sweet peas

Me with the sweet peas... I know - I'm a dork

Garden runner

Road side grass (colours not tampered with)

(The abstract version of the above)

Me stuffing tomatoes in my shirt (really) as payment for the dog food being dropped off

You guessed it, a bear

A smelly road side llama - seriously this beast was standing on the side of the road
I was a good 12 feet away and we could smell it - totally gagged

And that 's' shaped thing is a snake - I actually turned around to see if it was still alive because I thought I'd show it to Michael if it was... turns out I ran the damned thing over... but apparently the animal gods wanted to play with me tonight because about 40 minutes after this photo a bird committed suicide on my windshield - I'm not kidding - the thing swooped down into the car - madness

Our Cariboo safari ended with four bear, four deer (one stupid one that also was thinking about being a hood ornament), two bunnies, a llama, a snake and a beautiful sunset.

xxoo my loves

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