Wednesday, December 07, 2011


basal cell carcinoma

This is what my dad has been diagnosed with.  It is on his eye lid and he has a second surgery next week.
The rock collector told us about it but was so nonchalant and asshole about that I kind of wrote it off and just figured I'd catch up with my dad at another time and see what the hell was really going on.

Today I took my chance - given that I had many extra treats I stopped by the shop with a coffee and treats and asked.  He confirmed that they received a letter noting the cancer and that he needed to have more of his eyelid removed until they got it all.  This is a form of skin cancer.  He may lose his entire lower lid and possibly the top lid since there is a lump there as well that they didn't check.  He was calm.  I was calm.  Then I left... and was less than calm.

So - yes, I'm sad - but really out of all the cancers this is the least harmful - or so it sounds.  It sounds like they just cut it out and make sure there isn't anymore and then you are good to go.  I know I'm simplifying it but I need to - it is overwhelming and I cried as I drove away and cry as I write this - but I really needed to just get this out of my system.  What bugs me is that he is now complaining about eye pain - like his eye ball - I asked if he was just anxious to which he mocked me.  I probably shouldn't have said anything about anxiety but I know he has it - I know I get it from him as I do a lot of similar things to him.

And now I'll get back to work - I have stuff do before I head away for the weekend.

Hugs and kisses to you.

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Carmen said...

Shit Ape... when it rains it pours. Hoping everything goes well for your dad.