Thursday, December 15, 2011


5 inches (or more) snowed in Quesnel last night and tonight we are tap for a similar amount.  The driveway at the new place is considerably longer and wider than the old place and so tonight I went out and cleared it - it was great fun and good exercise - which I desperately needed - so hooray for that!  I sang and then about 30 minutes in realized I'd become the nights entertainment for my neighbours - they were standing in their driveway watching me run around and sing - since I was running up and down the drive way to really get a work out in... my arms are singing a wee bit but other ways - it was great.

My dad's surgery went fine - he looks like he was in a hell of a hockey match (and lost) but he is ok.  They cut out a triangle piece of his eye lid and now we wait on the results from the latest piece and see if they got it all.  My parents are retarded - instead of spending one night away - they get up at 2am to drive to Kamloops - have surgery - drive home - wouldn't want to get a friend to dog sit and just spend one night away... nah... let's test how are bodies will hold up against stress and surgery and try that out... sorry - I'll stop ranting.

The kids are off to the coast on Saturday - seeing their family - which is great.  I hope they have a fantastic time!  I miss them already.  I missed them before they walked out the door.  Sigh.

Tomorrow is one of my staff's last day - she's been with me for nearly three years - sad to see her go - but she is going on mat leave and it is great for her and her family.  What else... not much - planning to do some baking tomorrow night - need to share the cookie love with some of my local friends.

Good night my loves - it is Friday tomorrow - hooray!  Definitely been a long week.
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