Friday, December 09, 2011


So Kyle and Michael and I are making Christmas ornaments as a fundraiser for the school.  I'm waiting on confirmation that we are allowed to do this but I've already got some orders... I'll post photos next week once we have a green light from the school.  Anyways - we just wanted to do something to give back to the school since there hasn't really been much fundraising this year and usually we've done quite a bit by now.

What else?

My right knee is swollen - only slightly - but it hurts a lot - like enough to curse here but I'm withholding my profanity - saving up for a good case of turrets.

We went for dinner tonight with the kids aunt - it was lots of fun.  Then we went to crap-o-rama - blah - but I needed some bells for the ornaments so that was good and they actually had the ones I was looking for.

More whining... well I'm cold... I can't seem to warm up - that matched with my swollen knee is quite delightful

Ok - I am going to carry on building the ornaments - they are kind of like an origami wreath - we've made about a dozen so far and have orders for another 5 more right now... I'd love to see us donate a couple hundred bucks to the school - but that may be way out to lunch... we'll see what happens with the green light and then I'll get my little salesmen on it...

And before I close this show out tonight I'll end with this...



Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Mel
Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you
You live in the zoo
You look like a monkey
And.. you smell like one too

We love you! LOTS!


Jen said...

There hasn't been fundraising because teachers are not permitted to handle money as part of their job action. I had a student recently ask me what changed because they couldn't have a bake sale at the beginning of the year, and people were selling stuffs last week. (Marketing classes, fundraisers for charities, all done by students.) Office paperwork is also not allowed. I'm not sure what the protocal will be in this case, and how it will be used this year.

Now that the union person is comes the parent!

That is a fabulous idea. You are such a good-hearted person.

april said...

Thank you, Jen - that was very helpful! The office were fine with it - and noted that it needed to go through the PAC... so I'll post all the information on here tonight with photos - I have about 2 dozen nearing completion and want to get a good photo of them to share - then we will sell them for the next week and ship orders