Sunday, December 25, 2011


1 turkey dinner
2 potted plants
3 types of potatoes
4 times I wished I was somewhere far away
5 times that Michael said God Bless at dinner
6 types of chocolate
7 Skype calls
8 shots of Carolyn's
9 gifts from my parents
10 the number of minutes I had to myself throughout the day
11 times my mom complained about my grandma (ok that's an understatement)
12 times grandma complained about the stairs  (there are two stairs... TWO - I don't want to get old)

1. I got medium sized clothes for Christmas that fit - I know - I can't frickin' believe it - I'm wearing large and just recently bought a medium shirt for a trip in the new year but was surprised just the same
2. My parents actually stayed for the day - they didn't go and visit other people, they stayed at the house and while they just hung out, it was nice - I didn't have to think about what time they were going to get back and timing dinner - dinner just happened and it was great
3. My grandma was actually in a good mood - she was nice and thankful and - well it was unusual and nice... the rock collector still complained though and then at the end of the day said that she couldn't believe how bitchy she was... and my dad and I just looked at each other knowingly and with the same 'whatever' face..
4. I pawned off nearly all of the 15 lb turkey to everyone else and have little left over... amen - since the guys will definitely not eat it - saved enough for lunch tomorrow and that's about it... :)

Turkey dinner couldn't have gone off much better than it did - I'm actually surprised at the ease of dinner and how it just came together - I know -I've done it a lot - probably my 30 or 40th turkey but it just went really well and the bird was done nicely.  Plus I actually made good gravy and that can totally be a miss for me...

Chef Kyle had a suggestion for dinner and wanted baked potatoes with stuffing - so this morning I baked potatoes, took out the insides, mashed them - re-stuff the potatoes and topped them with stuffing - they were definitely a hit - so - woohoo for Kyle.  So we had regular mashed potatoes, herb and garlic cream cheese yams, and the baked potato stuffing addition

Michael had little interest in dinner but loved the trays with meat and cheese - plus sides of cranberry sauce for the sausage - I know - he puts that s&%# on everything :)

I did have a meltdown - it happened while I was cleaning up for the 10th time of the day - after dinner - I just got sad and cried - it was all good - no one was helping anyhow so I just cried and moved on... yes, today was a tough, tough day... but we survived it ....

And now the guys are going to go to bed soon and then I'm going to have a little bit of punch and just hang out with the fireplace and just unwind from a busy day.

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and can't wait to hear about what everyone else did and all the great things that came from your day.

xo - love to you!


Baked potatoes with stuffing... carb loading at its finest 

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