Friday, December 23, 2011

still no sleep

Alright so it is 6am and I'm watching the morning news and I totally went out this morning...

Here's Walmart at 5am - I was one of three happy shoppers and 20 miserable staff... almost everyone in the store working was just mad and couldn't care less about anything.. I didn't stay long and was told to have a good night when I left - I laughed and said I'd try once I got through my day... this was also not so funny for staff at 5am... oh well.

Of course - I was hamming it up in Walmart at 5am - of course.

This is the loop from Bouchie Lake to Downtown - you can barely see it but there is a truck in the right hand side of this shot - I'm sure more than one retard was in this vehicle and tore through the loop - doing donuts.  Then the jackasses decided they'd done enough and tried to get out of the loop and totally got high centred - bwahahahahaha - it was a great laugh at 4:30am... 

And now... well now I'm going to go to work... I've already been up for 6 hours... sigh... hoping to sleep tonight.  I guess I'll see how it goes... I'm pretty sure I'm going to need some coffee today.

xo my loves - hope your day goes well :)

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