Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas eve

Well the advent calendars are all wrapped up - Michael got yoda and Kyle got a Christmas lego guy - kind of looks like santa.  Those lego advent calendars were totally worth it!  I can't believe how much came with them and we got Chewbacca - woohoo!

So we are about to venture to the grocery store as I've waited to the last day to get a turkey because I don't have a freezer and had nowhere to put the bird... so we are about to go out and with any luck most people will take their time getting there this morning... right...

Anyways - I managed to sleep last night and don't feel like such a zombie today.  Oh and the tooth fairy came to our house last night - Kyle lost his top incisor while they were on the trip to the coast.  Kyle has one more tooth to go and then he has a complete grown up set... sigh.

Alright - well I'm sure I'll have adventures to share and would love to hear how everyone is spending today and tomorrow.  Best wishes to everyone... take your time, a deep breath and little bit of your favourite liqueur can't hurt. :)

Love you!

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