Friday, December 23, 2011

a brief hiatus and now - no sleep

The water was rising, there was water in the house - where can I get to before the house is completely submerged, I can feel the water at my feet - where are the guys - panic - absolute panic - and then I wake up and that was it for sleep tonight...  I shook away the panic about 30 minutes ago - I've been up since 1:30.

So now I'm wrapping presents, I've vacuumed, done laundry, cleaned the kitchen, put out christmas ornaments, and am actually thinking about driving to Walmart because it is open and there won't be very many people there and I'll be able to grab the few things I need and be gone... sigh.. what a night.

What else - well I was going to load some photos tonight but my computer isn't cooperating and, frankly, I have no patience to fix it tonight.

Anyways, my loves, I hope you are getting sleep and are all ready for the holiday season.
My love to you! xo

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