Saturday, December 03, 2011

on losing pounds over night

Wow - last night sucked... not only was I barfing and sleeping with a garbage can, Nicholas was also up a lot... blah!  I've just gotten over it today and just decided I wasn't going to mope around about it.  I went and just walked around - had some lunch and got groceries and some other supplies.

Mel headed back to cow-town today and it took them 7 hours to get to Jasper - so that sucks... but they are doing ok - long day!

And now... well I'm going to watch some Old School while working on a few things and hope that the nausea goes away... blah.

8pm update - still sick - slept - but remain sick - thinking about going to the store to by some drugs.
Mel is in Red Deer and still hasn't made it home - that is more than 13 hours they've been on the road... blah - long day.  Anyways - nothing else - I'm lame - can't believe how much I've been sleeping and how crappy I still feel... dumb stupid flu-ish lameness...


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