Tuesday, December 13, 2011

ornament fundraiser

Alright friends - Kyle and Michael and I are making Christmas ornaments as a fundraiser for their school and the PAC (parent advisory committee)  They are $2.00 each and all proceeds are going to the school.  Photos are below - these ship really easily as they fold down in size.  If you want specific colours I can accommodate pretty much anything - I have piles of scrapbook paper and rather than toss all the paper I figured we could do something to help out.

Shipping to anywhere in Canada - and I'll cover the postage - unless you want a giant shipment... but if you just want a few then I'll cover you.  I will also ship them as gifts to others - if you want...  you can pay through paypal and if you are interested then email me.  If you order by Friday they should make it to most points in Canada before Christmas arrives... of course I can't guarantee anything once Canada Post gets them - but orders placed tonight will be shipped tomorrow :)  If you are interested...

5 and 6 pointed stars - 5 for single colour, 6 for multi colour - for some reason the multicolour or patterned ones just don't look the same as a five pointed star

Easy to store away for next Christmas - you just move the bell up the rope and it opens/closes.

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