Monday, December 05, 2011

some photos

Still sick - ended up taking today off - or rather - part of today off... my doctor reminded me that I am allowed to ask for help and suggested that I should have stopped by this weekend in emergency to get some help.... next time.. I'm sure...

And now I have do some work... ain't no rest for the wicked

Here is me and Nicholas and Sprocket (yes, from the Fraggles)

Nicholas napping while we walk around Farmers Market
(I also like this photo because I can see how different I look in this photo... and I didn't set it up or adjust it - Mel took it and I am sharing it - it was also interesting to pack Nicholas as he is about 25 lbs (26.6) and after an hour of walking I don't know how I managed to get around and be even kind of comfortable when I was carrying so much more than 26.6 lbs...)

One of the most fantastic sunsets I've seen in Northern BC - it was spectacular!

Our 2011 tree - simple - lovely

Good night my loves - kisses and hugs - two for you!

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