Wednesday, December 14, 2011

slippers and nonsense, oh and youtube

Blah - 

Ok and now that that is out... crocheting (or crotcheting) is something I've done for years - many many years and now I'm working on a fancier pair of slippers and have just taken them completely apart - roar - but that's ok - I'm getting in great practice on stitches and counting

YouTube... Michael and Kyle performed in their school christmas play this afternoon - no christmas music - or rather traditional-ish christmas music - we shared them with my parents tonight and now - if you feel like seeing them.. they are here...

Kyle playing xylophone
Kyle playing the triangle
Michael dancing (ish)
Michael singing

And now because I'm pissy about the slippers and just feeling kind of down in general I'm going to answer another quiz tonight and then I'm going to try and work on the slippers again... FFS

And just as fast as I wanted to do a quiz I've changed my mind and am just going to go to sleep - or at least lie there and wonder and think - my jaw is torture right now and I need to deal with that...

xo - my love to you - xo 

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